How it all Began

How it all Began

Hey girl Hey!!! We are so excited to have you here! We want to introduce you to us. In 2010 we opened Bangs Salon. Yep, you read right, we began as a salon. We opened our doors in August with 800 square feet and four stations.

Rewind to early 2002ish, Britt and myself (Hope) became instant Besties, sisters from other misters, partners in All the things. Amy is Britt's mom who I envy and hope to always follow in her footsteps of looking so young and amazing!

Britt and I worked together at a small boutique in our town and always dreamed of "one day what if we opened a CUTE Boutique?". Then dreams are just that and life happens.

Fast forward and I decided to follow my other dreams and go to Hair School (Inspired by Amy). A few years later and Britt did the same. We always had BIG dreams, just needed to swift kick to get there. The three of us together finally decided it was time to do just that. Lots of wine and uncertainly lead to the beginning of our dreams, little did we know this would be just the first step to so many crazy and fun adventures/what ifs later. 

August 2010 Bangs Salon on Burnside opened its doors. Picture 800 square feet with four stations and patio furniture from World Market for our reception desk on a back alley street with no roadside view was Bangs Salon. We quickly outgrew our space. So over the next few years we we grew into the next two spaces beside us. I forgot to mention, the building we rented our space from is a live in work space. After we outgrew this, Bangs Salon and Spa opened in our local historic downtown district. A few months after we had opened our second location, the world shut down. 

With time at home and employees who had families to take care of we knew we had to do something to bring income in. What else did we LOVE? We loved fashion. It just made sense. This began our next adventure.

In 2020 our dreams came true. We opened Bangs Boutique right in our salon. With the love for ALL things Fashion it just fit. We can't wait for you to shop with us and if you're ever in town, stop by and see us! We've got the BEST stylist in town! (For hair and fashion)



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